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real estate question Would this duplex be a good investment?  You CANNOT know for sure unless you do the correct analysis.  Don't leave it to chance!

There are literally thousands of different properties in which you could invest at any time.  All of them have their different pros and cons.  But in deciding which ones to choose, there is really only one question that counts:

"Will this property soar like an eagle,
or is it

an alligator that will turn around and
eat me alive?"

or the related question:

"Which of these potential investments will give me
the highest return with the least risk?"

If you can't answer these questions with total confidence, not only are you failing to get the maximum return on our investment, you are at serious risk of losing money on your investment. 
Can you afford that? 

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Yet there is really only one way to find the answer: 
you have to crunch the numbers. 

You could do some quick math on the back of an envelope.  That might be fine for quickly screening potential properties to find those worthy of closer inspection.  But it would be foolish to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars unless you have done everything you can to maximise your potential profits and eliminate your risk. 

And let's not be fooled - property prices can go down as well as up (they went down by 80% in Japan during the 90's!).  So, even though, in the west, we have been having a real estate boom for the last dozen years or so, you still need to be careful with every individual investment.

Eliminate risk

To eliminate your risk you need a realistic assessment of each property.  It is called "doing your due dilligence".  At the very least, you will need solid answers to questions such as:

question.jpg (1146 bytes) What will be my Return on Investment (ROI) over the first year?  And over subsequent years? 
question.jpg (1146 bytes) How sensitive it is to changes in interest rates?  How far can interests rates rise before I lose my profit?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) How much capital gain can I expect over 1, 5, 10 years assuming different rates of appreciation?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) Am I better holding this for rental, or turning it around for a quick profit on resale?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) How much rent do I need to receive to cover my expenses - taking into account realistic vacancy rates?  Can I reasonably expect to get that rent for this property in this neighborhood?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) How do my actual buying (and selling) costs affect my ROI?  What hidden buying costs have I forgotten to include (e.g. taxes, local authority charges, renovation costs, etc)?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) How do prices and rents compare with other similar properties in the area?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) Do the room sizes meet the local authority's minimum requirements for rental accommodations?
question.jpg (1146 bytes) Is it better to rent out as-is, or to convert into smaller (or bigger) units, taking into account the costs of the conversions.

... and so on.  The more detailed your analysis, the more accurate it is.  Accuracy is important, as a single percentage error in your calculations could mean the difference between a proft and a loss.  It is as simple as that.

And, to compare potential investments, you need to do the math on each and every one of them.  If you do, you will be well informed, and thus able to make a sensible and considered investment decision. 

If you don't, then you might as well pin up your five favorites on a wall and throw a dart to pick one of them. 

No, really.  

Doing a bit of quick math on the back of an envelope is fine when we are mid-boom.  At those times you could probably buy a cardboard box under the railway arches and make a profit on it.  But booms don't last for ever and, given the huge amount of leverage that a mortgage can bring, it is very easy to lose your shirt if you get it wrong.  Thousands of people did in both Japan, and Britain in the early 1990's.  Don't let it happen to you when the next crash comes.

Which is why you need the Real Estate Profit Calculator.

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This is a powerful spreadsheet (for Excel 97 or later) that, for just $17, will give you all the above answers, and more, in just seconds:


Rapidly Calculate your ROI for:

real estate investment software Renovation and immediate resale,
real estate investment software Long term rental, and/or
real estate investment software Medium term rental followed by resale after a few years

Take account of:

real estate investment software comparison of actual price with current market prices
real estate investment software loan amount
real estate investment software loan interest
real estate investment software loan amortization period
real estate investment software yearly capital appreciation rates
real estate investment software renovation costs
real estate investment software the time it takes to prepare property either for resale or for rental
real estate investment software rental rates
real estate investment software vacancy rates
real estate investment software maintenance costs
real estate investment software actual buying costs including fees, commissions and taxes, whether they be a percentage, fixed fee or combination
real estate investment software hidden buying costs
real estate investment software future selling costs if you are calculating ROI for resale
real estate investment software How long it takes to sell
real estate investment software and many more factors...

Quickly compare your ROI for various scenarios, e.g.

real estate investment software compare no mortgage (cash purchase) with partial and 100% financing (the latter is NOT always more profitable)
real estate investment software different interest rates and different inflation rates
real estate investment software different rents e.g letting as one apartment or as separate rooms in the apartment

As you can see, it is only with the Real Estate Profit Calculator that you can make sure your analysis covers all the relevant factors in making your investment decsion.  Without it you would just be guessing, and that could cost you thousands of dolllars.

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But that is not all...

You can also use the Real Estate Profit Calculator to quickly research a new geographical area:

  • Rapidly compare the prices of different sized buildings
  • Find the mean price per area (e.g. you can mix-and-match meters and square feet).   E.g. a 1,000 sq. ft apartment for $100,000 equals $100 per sq. ft.  This allows you to quickly compare the option of buying already-built with the costs of buying a lot and then building on it.
  • Find the mean rental rates - for different sized units and per floor area.  This helps you to decide whether you are better off looking for, say, a large 1-bed unit or a small 2-bed unit.
  • Calculate the mean gross rental return on purchase price - this helps you to decide whether a one bedroom apartment or 3-bedroom house are more profitable.
Use up to FIVE Different Currencies in any combination at the same time

By using this tool you can very rapidly screen a neighborhood to see what its potential is.  You can do all this before you visit the area - even use it to investigate a different country (such as Hungary and the Czech Republic which are both looking very promising at present). 

All you need to do is visit some real estate offices online, pull off the asking prices for a bunch of properties, and plug them into the calculator. 

The calculator even allows you to mix-and-match up to five different currencies (e.g. $, , C$, Euro, and Hungarian Florit) as often you will find prices quoted in different currencies!  Just enter the currency and the amount, and it will convert them all to your chosen base currency (which can be any of the five you have chosen).

Use imperial (feet and inches), metric (meters) or both in all your calculations

Finally, there is a very handy little room area calculator.  Just put in the dimensions of the rooms and it will calculate the living area, and compare this with your local authority's minimum requirements.  In Britain, for example, if you are renting out a building for multiple occupancy, each of the rooms (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen etc) must meet certain minimum sizes.  Buy a building without first checking this out and your profit could literally evaporate!

The Calculator is completely customizable.  You can change any of the parameters to meet your local needs, you can even (if you really want to) change the formulas.   It is your tool to make your real estate decisions easier and more reliable.  It even comes ready loaded with sample data so you can see immediately how to use it.

Rapidly analyse hundreds of potential investments

All real estate professionals know that you have to analyze dozens of potential investments before you find that sure-fire winner.  The Real Estate Profit Calculator makes that task quick, easy, and accurate, saving your hours of time and protecting you from making potentially disastrous 'guestimates'.  Remember, buying the wrong property could cost you literally thousands...

Yet the Real Estate Profit Calculator costs just $17 - certainly a lot less than you would pay for a builder's survey of the property, and just as essential.

If you have any intention of investing in real estate you need this tool:

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My goal is to help you to eliminate risk in your investments.  So, to show that I practise what I preach,  I am going to eliminate all your risk in buying and trying this tool.  Here is my RISK FREE guarantee to you:

satisfaction guaranteedDr. Noel SwansonNoel Swanson's Personal, no-nonsense 100% money-back guarantee:

No one can guarantee that all your investments will be winners.  But what I can guarantee is that this calculator will substantially increase the accuracy of your calculations, and so make your investing decisions much easier, much quicker, and much more informed.

In fact, I am so convinced of this that I invite you to examine The Real Estate Profit Calculator at your leisure for a full 3 months.  If you at any time you are not completely thrilled, then simply email me and I will refund 100% of your investment on the spot, with no further questions asked, and no commitments, obligations, expectations or hard feelings on my part...  You don't even have to send the products back!  The only thing I ask of you is that you act in good faith and give The Real Estate Profit Calculator a fair try. 

Naturally your statutory rights are not affected.

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